Terms and Conditions


  • Payment for sales and/or services rendered must be made either in two payments (50% upfront/50% upon completion of work) or in full before work begins, unless a separate agreement is reached.
  • Any payment schedule other than that specified above must be in writing and signed for by Steven Fazio and Client.
  • All checks are to be made payable to Southbound Custom LLC, 1301 Pillow Street, Nashville, TN 37203.
  • Serviced instruments left over 30 days without payment will be sold for the cost of service, unless another agreement is reached between the client and Southbound Custom LLC.


  • Due to the wide range of instrument shapes and finish types, methods of stripping them are varied. We have state of the art equipment and supplies and a great deal of experience to facilitate this end; nonetheless, there are issues that the client must be aware of:
    1. Stripping usually entails some degree of sanding. We do no more sanding than is necessary to achieve a great looking finish, but it is sanding nonetheless, and will remove wood from the client’s instrument. Clients that find this to be unacceptable should consider another course of action.
    2. If the part being stripped is painted a solid color, the wood underneath is likely to be less than beautiful. We cannot be responsible for this variable, so clients wanting trans colors on now solid colored instruments, should be advised that they may not be pleased with the result.
    3. If the client does not wish chemicals or sandpaper to be used in the stripping process, it is his/her responsibility to note this on his/her finish order form.
  • Client is responsible for understanding pros and cons of his/her choice of finish.
  • If Client does not wish to approve color proofs of colors not in our color chart, then we reserve the right to refuse a return based on color accuracy.
  • If the client does not wish to have finish sprayed in body routs, it is his/her responsibility to note this on his/her finish order form.
  • We make every attempt to get finish projects out the door within four weeks. Many times we are able to get them done more quickly; nonetheless, turn-around time is dependent on a wide array of variables including climate, wood type, finish type, complex equipment and many others. Sometimes, it takes a little longer. We want our customers to have a finish that they can enjoy and be proud of for many years to come.

General Service

  • If the client specifies service to be “rush,” then he/she understands that factors such as glue drying time and finish processes may suffer, and as a result the finished product may suffer.
  • The client should empty all case contents that are not required by Southbound Custom LLC to perform the desired service. All case contents should be logged by the client on his/her finish or work order form.


  • In the case that the client is unhappy with services rendered by Southbound Custom LLC, we will make every attempt to rectify the situation. We reserve the right to refuse returns if the client’s claim is voided due to ignorance of the terms and conditions set here.
  • Instruments serviced by Southbound Custom LLC that are deemed to have faults directly related to said service may be returned.