• Blue Burst Rickenbacker Bass

    Blue Burst Rickenbacker Bass

    This is a 1980 Ric bass that we refinished for the original owner.  The project was a restoration in collaboration...

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  • Silverburst Ibanez

    Silverburst Ibanez

    Ibanez Prestige RG finished in a Gloss Poly Silverburst....

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  • Gloss Nitro Parlor Acoustic

    Gloss Nitro Parlor Acoustic

    Here’s a cool parlor acoustic that came in for a gloss Nitro finish....

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  • Martin Sunburst

    Martin Sunburst

    This was a brand new Martin that came from the factory with a natural top.  The owner wasn’t pleased with...

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  • SG Melody Maker Restoration

    SG Melody Maker Restoration

    This project came in as a restoration in progress.  We had to strip the finish, re-radius and refret the fingerboard,...

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  • “Swiss Cheese” Guitar

    “Swiss Cheese” Guitar

    This custom guitar was built in here in Tennessee.  It came to us for a Poly Fuschia Metal Flake finish....

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