Sunburst Gloss Poly on D’Angelico New Yorker Excel

We did several finishes on Victor Baker-built USA D’Angelico guitars.  Victor and his team did phenomenal work.  And the finished product is very impressive.  But finishing these instruments is about as difficult as it gets.

Southbound Custom, LLC — WE PAINT GUITARS!

w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst2 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst3 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst4 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst5 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst6 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst7 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst8 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst9 w_dangeliconyexcel_sunburst10

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