Mosrite Ventures II Restoration

This vintage Mosrite got a refin in the original blue.  The neck was also refinished, but we left the headstock face intact to preserve the original graphics.  In addition to the finish work, the neck was refretted and all the electronics and hardware cleaned and refurbished.  The neck pocket was oddly oversized, so mahogany shims were fabricated to create a tight, properly aligned fit.
W_Mosrite_Blue2W_Mosrite_Blue3 W_Mosrite_Blue4 W_Mosrite_Blue5 W_Mosrite_Blue6

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  1. Hi, Thanks for the post! Out of curiosity do you recall the serial number stamped on the fretboard near the body? I’m helping compile a list of these guitars for a reference sheet. I can see some of the serial number in one of the photographs. It appears this is a 1966 model since the truss rod is at the body end, I can see.

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