Q?What is the “fastest” (smoothest feel with the least resistance) neck finish?

Most people choose a satin-sheen poly when they’re looking for the smoothest feel. Gloss finishes tend to feel a little sticky, especially as the player sweats. Nitrocellulose inherently has a slightly “tacky” feel. This is not to say that gloss finishes, nitro or poly, are bad choices.

Q?Can you match a color from an object like a shirt?

Yes. We can match a color from an object or a photograph. Objects areactually better, because with a photograph, especially a digital one, some room for error resides in the processing of the film, the lighting, and the difference in computer screens.

Q?Can you do a custom airbrushed graphic?

No.  We do not offer custom airbrushing.

Q?Can you make and apply a custom decal from a graphic that I supply?

Yes. We can make custom decals with any name, logo or graphic.

Q?Should I have my old finish stripped before the new one goes on?

A beautiful finish can be achieved with or without stripping the guitar, so the issue becomes finish thickness. With an acoustic or hollow-body guitar, the answer is usually going to be “yes.” Acoustic guitars make sound by resonating, and a thick finish can choke it into sounding like a cereal box with strings. It becomes a little more subjective with solid bodies because their tone is based more on wood density and pickup selection. Stripping a guitar is a lot of work, therefore it does add a substantial cost to a refinishing project. Adding another finish on top of an existing one will change the resonance of the instrument slightly. Most players won’t notice this change, but if you are a tone chaser and your axe sounds exactly the way you want, then we had better strip it.

Q?How thin are your finishes?

The short answer is .015″. Now there is inherent variance in that number. There are many factors that come into play: substrate (ash tends to take more finish than maple, for example), build quality, customer specifications, etc…

All of that being said, we follow set processes and achieve relatively consistent results as far as film thickness is concerned.

Our Poly and Nitro finishes are generally the same thickness.